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WGS Newsletter 4th Edition Now Available

24/7/2017 - Latest News


WGS Newsletter is now available via the County FA website or your Club Secretary, who will have received a copy via National FA


LCCGFL Registration Secretary

Welcome to the fourth edition of the WGS Player Registration Newsletter, the weekly update for League and Club Officials using WGS Player registration functionality for season 2017/18. The Newsletter will be sent out to participating League and Club Secretaries each Monday throughout July, August and September 2017. Leagues are requested to forward the Newsletter to their clubs as quickly as possible in order to ensure that they remain fully engaged and up-to-date with the very latest player registration news.

Week Three Update
Almost 300 leagues have completed their registration set-up procedure with 275 of them now accepting league player registrations. The total number of players registered by clubs last week was 28,727 bringing the total number of registrations for the past four weeks to 94,000. A new one-day record was created on Wednesday when 5,500 new league registrations were completed. Over 70,000 players have now been registered by their respective leagues for season 2017/18 since the beginning of July. The table (below right) shows the total number of participating leagues by County FA.

As the below shows, 116 leagues have already been integrated across from WGS into Full-Time;
Please refer to the Full-Time Integration section for further details on the process required for requesting integration for your league
There were two league/club training sessions last week and two evening surgeries. Please email playerregistration@thefa.com to request a recording of either an adult or youth league session. For details of this week’s sessions please refer to the Calendar section of this week’s Newsletter.

Date Event Invite Date Event
Monday 24th July Club Training – 7.00pm Join the meeting
Tuesday 25th July League & Club Surgery – 7.00pm Join the meeting

Wednesday 26th July Club Training – 7.00pm Join the meeting
Thursday 27th July League & Club Surgery – 7.00pm Join the meeting

Material Participant Group Detail Access
E-Learning resource League and club officials Interactive run-through of registration process ElearningResource (download)

Training Guide PDF League and club officials Written guide to all aspects of registration process WGS Portal
Training Session League officials (adult) Recording of training webinar including demonstration Play recording

Training Session League officials (youth) Recording of training webinar including demonstration Play recording

Training Session Club officials Webinar (online) training sessions includes demonstration Email playerregistration@thefa.com

Surgery League and club officials Webinar meeting at 7.00pm – each Tuesday and Thursday Email playerregistration@thefa.com

Community Group League Officials Online community for key league officials Email playerregistration@thefa.com

Briefing Session League Officials (Full-Time) Briefing on the process of integrating leagues into Full-Time Play recording

Player Registration League Set-Up
Almost 300 leagues have now completed the player registration process set-up. Please remember to refer to the relevant training guides before completing this task. By way of reminder, the following business process has been put in place to ensure that this important phase of activity is completed efficiently;
Should your County FA not come back to you within 24 hours of being advised that your league set-up process is complete, please advise playerregistration@thefa.com. Should your league require two sets of registration requirements please contact Danny McConnell. Danny will assist you in completing the set-up process and then open your registration window.
The FA Support Team has received a number of calls from clubs asking when it is likely that they can start registering players. As it is only the league that has this information to hand please make sure that you advise clubs accordingly.
For more information or assistance please email playerregistration@thefa.com. A full list of County FA Lead Officers can be found at the rear of the newsletter.

League Official – Full Time Integration Session
Leagues using Full-Time will be increasingly keen to have their integration processes completed by the County FA/FA. Before requesting that the integration processes are carried out please ensure that your affiliation and sanction records look correct – remember that the quality of team, club, cups and division data that is sent across to Full-Time will be entirely dependent upon the robustness of the club affiliation and league sanctioning information that has been collected. Before contacting your County FA regarding Full-Time integration please refer to the relevant training guides and take the time to watch a recording of the recent Full-Time Integration Briefing, a recording of which can be downloaded from the following link

Weekly Player Registration Online Surgery
In order to deal with any outstanding queries or difficulties, a Player Registration Surgery will take place for all club and league officials at 7.00pm on each Tuesday and Thursday evening throughout July and August
Player Registration Surgery Officials are invited to attend these drop-in webinar sessions Tuesday evening 25th July – 7.00pm where they will be able to speak directly to members of the FA Join the meeting Project Team. The next Surgery will take place at 7.00pm on
Tuesday 25th July with the second taking place on Thursday
Player Registration Surgery
Thursday evening 27th July – 7.00pm 27 July. Please use the appropriate Player Registration
Join the meeting Surgery Link to the left to join the webinar of your choice.
Please note that you can join the session 10 minutes before the advertised start time. A guidance note has been developed to assist those officials new to webinar logon to the session. Please email playerregistration@thefa.com to request your own personal copy.

Visit: https://www.leicestershirefa.com/News/2017/jun/wgs-player-registration-support


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