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Latest News for Leicester City and County Girls Football League

As mentioned at the last AGM that I will be stepping down from the league Chairman position at the end of this season after 12 years of being on the committee and the last 3 years as chairman. It is time for others to step forward and take the league to the next step.

I have seen the female game grow from back in 2005 when I first joined the committee and the last 3 years grow even faster with the fantastic help and support of the committee members around me, with them it would not have been possible to make this one of the most successful leagues in the country.

There are always hurdles and challenges to meet as a league and my firm belief since taking the Chairman role was to settle and grow the league, while past chairs have done the same, we had the challenge of Respect that we hammer home to all clubs, this is far better than it has been in the past but always ongoing work to do here to ensure we all respect the game. Remodeling how the rules work with the FA (as you all know by now I treat these black and white to deal with an ever-increasing league size so to be fair to all) Grow at the youngest end by introducing 6 v 6 and more CVLs, balancing the books so the league can plan even better for the future and not just season to season. This is now all in place to move forward with.

Anyone can walk to into these positions and run, due to the dedication of the existing committee in making it a sustainable model for all to work with, the next committee will take the league on its next step of the journey for the female game.

Julie Rossa (Fixtures Secretary) will also be stepping down at the end of the season, another main stay of the league since 2007, and I am sure you will not only miss her dedication but ability to ensure all the girls enjoy regular fixtures, not the easiest job to do but the most important. Julie is happy to help any person who would like to look at the role and suggests initially they download the FA Full-Time User Guide to give them an idea of how the FAs Full-Time administration system operates in relation to producing the fixtures, postponements etc.

Michael Martin (Development Officer) will also be stepping down as development officer and the work Michael has done at the CVLs and getting new teams and clubs in the league is there to be seen by all, this is how we grow the league and another important role to undertake.

Sue Rogers (Registrations Secretary) also will be stepping down, Sue had a mountain to climb at the start of the season with many new teams and players, but again with her dedication to carrying out the role did this with a breeze and professional manner that we know her for, a new online system will need implementing for next season so to get people on board now to start working with clubs is very important.

Adie Thornborrow (Referees and Results Secretary) will also be stepping down but is will to stay around to help the league new referees sec and make sure all knowledge is passed on, not the easiest of jobs with limited resources but Adie has still managed to cover more games than any person before him in this role.

Sarah Mackness (League Secretary, Treasurer and Welfare Officer) will be remaining at the league and will be valuable to the new forming committee get going with of the next season due to her knowledge of the league.

What Next
Full time and the whole game system with need to be implemented for next season, meaning we need people on board sooner rather than last minute to learn and have the current committee to help learn the roles

As you can see above, the league needs a fresh bunch of volunteers to move forward with, without these there will be no league, so please do not wait and see, at present we are a small group but by having more help, it will make all work easier to do.

Step forward now, please pass on to all your club members.


Jason Morris (Chairman)
Leicester City and County Girls Football League


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